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How to post a picture to the forum from your computer.

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For new users and for people not familiar with the software, a little primer on how to put a picture in your post. (There are a LOT of ways. Out of all of those, this is one of them).

1: Go to http://imgur.com/ Get a free account and stay logged in (This becomes important later in how to retrieve your picture)

2: Over toward the right it will say "Upload Images". Under that it will say "Computer" and "Web". Pick "Computer".

3: Navigate to the picture you want to upload  and click "Open".

4: In the bottom righthand quarter or so of the imgur screen you'll see in green "Start Upload". Press that.

5: It will do some stuff for a while and then you'll come to a screen where you see your picture and a bunch of other stuff. This is pretty much the ONLY way you can screw up, but it's easy

6: Towards the right, you'll see six URLs called different things. The only one you care about is the one marked "Direct Link (email & IM)". There's a link below that and just to the left of that will be a little icon that looks like a piece of paper. Click that.

(Edit: I keep having people tell me they don't see that, but they never report back to me when I ask if they were logged in. I THINK you have to be logged in. Otherwise, if you don't see the direct link, just try double clicking the picture and get the URL from the address bar)

7: Congratulations! The pic URL is now in your paste buffer.

8: Now flip back to your post, hit the IMG tag (supposed to be binoculars, maybe?) and paste your pic URL between brackets.

Wanted to bump this topic up since quite a few people have asked about it recently. Also made it sticky

Incidentally, imgur is just one of many free photo hosting sites.

The real takeaway is that the photo needs to be hosted *somewhere* - ie. that you can see it when you paste the address into your browser's address bar.

A lot of people like Photobucket, and historically it may be the most popular.

I've been playing around some, and I think the quickest and easiest may be one called tinypic - no logins or anything. Just hit browse, upload from your computer, and pick up the address.

If you copy the one that says "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards", you can just drop it right in to your message on its own line. Otherwise, you'll need to wrap it in the image tab as noted above.

Hope this helps!


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