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There are "Maker Spaces" in Atlanta and other cities where everyone pays a monthly fee and gets access to heavy workshop equipment that the average (city) person would never have. This includes forges, welding equipment, car repair equipment, carpentry workshops, etc. and classes on how to use them. If you're marking your emergency road map, I suggest adding maker spaces. Lilburner reminded me of this.

I've listed some links below. Please note that anywhere noted as a "hackerspace" may be more technology focused. In this case, "hackers" are people who jury-rig things together to make them work, not people who break into computers.

There may be more, but here is a some.

    Freeside Atlanta (possibly the largest in the state)
    Geekspace Gwinnett - Lawerenceville
    Decatur Makers - Decatur
    Berry College - Mt Berry
    Hatch Athens - Athens
    The Clubhouse - Augusta
    Maven Makers - Savannah
    Engineering For Kids - Metro Atlanta
    Southeast Makers Alliance - Atlanta
    The Maker Station (Marietta) -


    Red Mountain Makers - Birmingham
    Mobile Makerspace - Mobile


    MakerFX Makerspace - Orlando
    FamiLAB - Longwood


    LVL1 Hackerspace - Louisville

North Carolina

    The Forge :: Greensboro Makerspace
    Raleigh Makerspace

South Carolina


    Knox Makers - Knoxville
    Make Nashville

that has to be the coolest thing I have heard of in a while. I am all for classes that teach girls to do this type of stuff. Getting a guy to have the patience and time to teach you while working on a project is........trying all around :)

I think I see some new classes in my future

They always seem so expensive to me.

Last I looked, the Gwinnett one didn't have a full-sized CNC machine, which is about all I'd be interested in paying $50/mo for. I'd buy my own 3D printer on a credit card for that if that was my primary interest.

Of course even if they have a full size CNC, they might have some "opinions" on what you make on it  8)

Lilburner, the Associate level is $25/month and their about page states that they have a CNC machine.

Warning, Maker spaces tend to lean to the left.

Then they might now recognize or realize what it is you are making.  But there might be some onboard limiting programs that would prevent it?



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