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Inexpensive wood stove....


I have thought about an inexpensive wood stove, if for nothing else, a way to burn off some of my wood scraps while getting some heat.  I know this isn't a strongly built wood stove, but has anyone tried one of these before.  Is it a waste of money?

I believe it's a cheap aluminum shell with some paint made in China. Will probably give you cancer. But then again, nearly everything will...

looks like the same/similar one southern prepper has done a few videos on. he seems to like it. it has to be steel to take the heat and running it outside for the first time should burn off most residue, off gassing. I've used the surplus tent heaters, it looks similar. they're cheap and do the job.

with that said, guys have nearly the same thing for almost nothing from scrap tanks or steel buckets.  check out the pocket rocket stove for something pretty cool.
this isn't the best example, it's just the first I found

I researched all types of small wood stoves for the sake of having one on hand.

The thing I didn't like about this kind was that the "cooktop" seemed like kind of a kludge to defeat the roundness of the barrel shape. I eventually got one of the military dual fuel stoves when Sportsman's Guide ran them for half price (That's a big fat no-brainer).

I was always particularly drawn to the one with the specialized kettle that wrapped around the chimney and had a spigot at the bottom.


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