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i know that i should of posted this a whole lot sooner..but,i figure late then not at planning a campout at Martin Dies, Jr. State Park.from may 12th to may which i've made my reservations in walnut ridge section...this is for anyone who choose's to come for a friendly visit.or for a friendly campout as well..

wow wish I could come. I was in Alba Tx recently at Lake Fork Marina. Would love to spend more time in Texas

i guess we planned wrong on our made my reservation yesterday,seeing how i got to it kinda late.but yet,they still have campsites left.i think that they have 3 left in WALNUT RIDGE-WATER ONLY CAMPSITE which thats the section i'll be in.for anyone that simply drop by for a visit,to actually campout..i forget how many tents to each site.but do remember up to 8 for each camp site..

How far from Dallas are you?   The NRA 2018 convention will be there.  Not sure where there but I am starting planning right now!


I'll be 225 miles from dallas..seeing how dallas is in north tx.and jasper is in east tx..


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