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Suggestions or requests for medical type classes at the bug out?

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I'm pretty positive I'll be there. Gotta check with the chief at work tommorow to make sure I can be off that weekend. If so I'll drop a leave form and start prepping a class or three. Well that is if yall want me to teach something that is. :(

I would love any class you decide to teach but if we have enough kids we some do some type of first aid class for them.

Definitely something on treating gunshots or deep lacerations if possible.
Thrilled that you are coming and back with us again!  :)

I've been trying to get a general First Aid class for ages.

Actually had one lined up for the spring campout, but the whole underwater nature of that campout pretty much literally washed that out.

I did a survival first aid class at a bug out once before, I think everyone liked it. I'm up for whatever, ill let yall know as soon as I know if my leave gets approved or not


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