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Muscle rack from Amazon

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I bought this last week because I ran out of storage space. I was surprised it was so sturdy, it's rated for 4000lbs but that sounds like rubbish. Anyway it was on sale for 36 when I bought it, I think there 40 now. They also have the larger shelf that's 55 with shipping vs Walmart at 70. 
If anyone knows of a cheaper shelf out there that's sturdy I'm all ears. I'll be buying some more.
It was easy to assemble vs the cheap punches out tab shelves.

Check this out: Muscle Rack UR301260PB5P-SV Silver Vein Steel Storage Rack, 5 Adjus...

Home Depot has one for this price but it's rated for half the weight and has one less shelf. This seems like a really good buy if I wasn't currently banned form buying more shelving.

I have bought a number of these and the pressed board shelving that comes with it bows and if you use in someplace not temp controlled or exposed to humidity much less moisture at all then it is even worse. If you take the time to replace the particle board with plywood then you would be golden. I use the all metal shelving these days. A pain to set up but sturdier. JMO

Thanks for the replays, I have seen the larger shelf at Costco with 3/8 plastic shelving I will try that one out Next. If I can find some 1/8" angle iron I'll make some

Carrot I two am on lock down, tried for another bag of rice last week at Costco and I guess it was final straw  ;D so I took it back for twenty pounds of pancake mix and some how that seemed more sensible to her.

I've had all my water barrels tossed in my storage unit, which makes me really uneasy. This means I need to get into caching so I don't have to have all my preps combed over.


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