Author Topic: Anyone need a super low miles heavy duty van? (conversion or not)  (Read 400 times)


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It's a 1995 GMC 2500 w/96K on it.

I bought it from a guy who took his family to see family in Florida twice a year. Aside from being a little dated, the interior is a little tired-ish from 18 years of kids climbing all over it. But it runs like an absolute top. At one time I had three of these 5.7/350 engines and this was the smoothest running of the three.

I bought it to drive my parents around in. Dad was always stiff and sore and couldn't hardly move and mom needed an attendant, so it worked out well. I just don't need it any more. It's been sitting, but I keep it running and keep gas out of it - just put in a little every time and let it run out. Starts first time every time once I get it cranking. The battery dies a little worse every time. It's been starting it solid for the last week, but I wouldn't count on it going very long as many times as it's discharged. The air works good, but leaks out over the course of a season, and I haven't charged it since it's been sitting. I was putting about 4 cans in it in the spring. I have the tool and some cans of refrigerant.

Really it would be great for a basic BOV - it's dependable, runs like a top, and it's the heavy duty 2500 so you can load it to the gills and still tow with it. The interior, while not spectacular-looking is comfortable, but you wouldn't have to think twice about ripping it out and starting over, or just ripping it out and having a heavy duty work van with a luxurious driver's seat.

I have three sets of pictures. It's a little crusty in the recent ones, but the older ones show the 4 year old fresh paint the crust is protecting. It hasn't had any body damage of any kind since the older pics, and with a fair amount of elbow grease would probably get pretty close to that. I'm going to clean it up some, but not to that level of detail.

The pics are at

I'll update them when I get it cleaned up a bit if there's any interest.

I'm not looking to make any real money - mostly want it gone. So I'd be happy to pass on a deal to friends over what I'll sell it for on Craigslist.
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