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I went to both of those as well on Saturday.  That meat was gross!  The ride home Sunday afternoon was only a light rain and then I hit a major accident that added 2 hours when I was only 30 miles from home.  I'm glad I stayed.  I had no intention of taking the Hidden Garden class and it turned out to be my favorite.  Rick Austin has a series of books that I'll bring to the campout this Saturday.  Basic premise - they made a garden that looks like crap.  It's a jungle.  It's a chaotic looking masterpiece that most people would walk right by. All the plants are symbiotic with each other and produces 5X the bounty.  The best thing, in my opinion, is that it is pesticide free, fertilizer free, weed free (or don't care).  It's a plant once for perennials and only add your veggies every year. Virtually maintenance free.  I HATE weeding! 
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Re: NC: Prepper Camp - Sept 28-30, 2018
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I was very surprised that even after seeing that 1 yr old raw meat preserved in nothing but salt my wife really wants me to build a cold smoker, bulk up on the salt, and give it a try.       WalMart has a 25lb sack of salt for sale $3.50.

And if SHTF never happens I can always salt the yard of a guy who still owes me money.

Still, it's nice to see her showing more interest in prepping and she wanted to brave the rain on Sunday more than I did and go to more classes.      I had to leave Monday on a 4 day business trip and still had to load up ( a 2-3 hr process) so I was the one who made the call to ride home early Sunday.         

Guess I'm going to build a sheet metal cold smoker like that guy built.