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Remington filing Chapter 11



$950 million of debt.  Located in New York State. 

Sad for a 200 year old company.  But their owner, Cerberus (corporate raiders) put them in this debt.
They will lose their ownership to their creditors though.  Hopefully the brand and the factory in NY and corporate
offices in North Carolina will survive like Colt did in 2015.

Supposed to be due to dropping sales now that we have an NRA-endorsed POTUS.

I'm sure the name will live on if nothing else.

I'm not super eat up about the Remington brand. They are evenly matched in rifles and shotguns both. I'd probably miss Golden Sabre defense ammo the most of anything.

But it's the sub brands they control.

Bushmaster - not personally vested in, but man - Marlin - I'm a total Marlin junkie - can't imagine a world without Model 60's, 336's, or the big bore levers in 45/70. .444 Marlin or .450 Marlin. Remington already dealt Marlin a wallop with quality issues, which I understand they've finally worked through. I sure hope Marlin comes out unscathed.

ETA: Dang - their scope (no pun intended) is wider than I realized.

Bushmaster Firearms
DPMS/Panther Arms
The Parker Gun
Advanced Armament Corp.
Dakota Arms
Barnes Bullets

If DPMS and Bushmaster both went away, that would leave a huge hole in the AR market.

H&R, Tapco, Timbersmith, and Advanced Armament I'd miss.


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