Author Topic: I made up an awesome bean and meat casserole thing in about two minutes.  (Read 437 times)


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I have to share this. Part of the whole creation of this was a time constraint, so no pictures.

When I left radio club last night, I still had a LOT to do at home - garbage night, laundry, etc. So I was going to be up for a while, but under the gun on timing. So I was in a situation where I couldn't spend any time preparing, but could cook it for a while.

I had to stop at Publix and gathered up a few things - went straight from bag to dish (some I already had but just bought them anyway to save time). about the biggest time suck was opening cans.

1 lb diced ham (any cooked meat should work - ripped up chicken, ground beef)
2 cans COCINA LATINA® Frijoles Negros Machacados ("Smashed" refried black beans - OMG they're good. I hoard these)
a thing of diced onions (laziness/time constraint)
a thing of diced tricolor peppers (ditto)
8 oz bag of shredded cheese - colby jack or "Mexican"

Came home and preheated the oven, dumped it all in a bowl, stirred it up good, raked it out into a corningware pan - threw it in the still-preheating (set to 400) oven for 45 minutes or so (starting to get a little bubbly).

It was SOOOOO good - probably feed about 4 by normal standards - I'll call it two good meals.

If I was going to do one thing different, I'd either reserve some cheese, or (more likely) ADD cheese to the top about halfway through baking.

And seriously - if you haven't already...

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Re: I made up an awesome bean and meat casserole thing in about two minutes.
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Go ahead and try it with the ground beef - but add a package of Old El Paso Taco mix to the beef.

I don't even bother mixing mine all up 1st, just put it down in layers and if you are feeling adventurous, add a layer of well drained diced tomatoes before the cheese topping.  Yeah, lottsa leftovers, but oh sooooooooo good.
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