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So I'm trying Bitcoin

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Went to a class this weekend that made me feel a whole lot better about it.

I put in $100 - sometimes the best way to learn is to do.

I've lost about a dollar, so clearly the sky is falling.

welcome aboard

Down almost 25% to $77.42

Hanging in there, though.

Let's check in on my $100

It's funny. I'll get back to back news items in my feed that it will hit $100,000, and that it will go bust. We'll see, I guess.

John Galt 1:
I was in crypto but mostly cashed out a few months ago.      Things really dropped after India banned bitcoin a few months ago.      India has always had troubles making people pay sales and income taxes and they saw that Bitcoin would make getting accurate income and sales records for tax purposes much harder.

The newest challenge is the block chain technology crypto coins use.      As you probably know block chains use information or "code" about all previous holders of that "coin" to build the block chain.

New EU privacy laws may make block chain technology illegal because somewhere in the block chain in encrypted form is part of the wallet address from everybody who's ever held that coin.       Some "privacy" coins such as Monero may be exempt.     Perhaps all block chain crypto coins will be exempt.      It really depends on how regulators interpate the somewhat vague new privacy laws.        It will take years for it to all wash out.


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