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Look at Bitcoin today and keep the faith!!!

John Galt 1:
As some may recall from my post early in this thread I put some of my 2017 coin profits in Tether to lock the profits in.     In November I used the Tether coins to get back in with 2/3 going into BTC and 1/3 into ETH.         Watching things closely.         Just wish I'd had the courage (or stupidity)  to get back in when BTC was down to $4000.

Now if I can just learn to do this well with stocks.      I've invested in stocks for decades.     Slow and steady growing things.      But about a year ago I
 helped 2 young guys from work open brokerage accounts and start investing in stocks.      They invest in some crazy stuff I'd never consider like Chinese EV companies and tiny tech companies.      One of these guys has tripled his money in a year, the other is up 550% in a year.       I've started looking at some of their suggestions in a small way but lose money when I try their ideas.

I've explained how capitol gains taxes work and advised them to put 25% of their short term profits aside for taxes.     

Anyone know about rolling a 403B account into bitcoin for diversification purposes or a good alternate electronic currency? For example any preferred brokerage accounts I would need to open in order to do this?


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