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I bought into bitcoin last summer.  I made some money, sold when it was high, re-invested when it came down.  I thought I was doing well, but apparently I re-purchased much too soon, because it has dropped considerably since then.  I'm staying in for now.  I am hopeful that it will recover, but you never know.  I like having a bit of currency diversification. 

It looks  unlikely that block chain technology will be banned, if this year's G20 is any indication.  But it will certainly end up being regulated, and what those regulations will look like is still anyone's guess.  Several countries are talking about introducing regulations by July, though so far the US isn't one of them.

John Galt 1:
While I'm not ready to buy back into the market yet I suspect the worst of the cryptocurrency bloodletting is over.       

Hell I'm almost tempted to buy more! How bad can it get?

John Galt 1:
As I mentioned in an earlier post I mostly cashed out last year avoiding the worst of the drop but I kept some in Tether coin which is tied to the dollar so it's value has only dropped about 2%.

Last week I used some of the Tether to buy some KIN and Ripple (XRP) coins.       It's kind of mad money that probably won't go anywhere but I'll let it ride for a few years and see if I get lucky.


--- Quote from: Lilburner on December 10, 2018, 05:11:11 PM ---Hell I'm almost tempted to buy more! How bad can it get?

--- End quote ---

It can go to near $0.  Bitcoin only works if the internet is working. No power, no Bitcoin.


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