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Just placed my first order for my "orchard" at

I'm going with biggish trees because, you know - prepping. The sooner I get food off them, the better the prep. Got a little expensive, but they're guaranteed for a year, which is mainly when I'd kill them.

Going to pick them up Friday.

I got a sucker helper to dig holes for me hopefully on Sunday. Hopefully I'll be going along behind him planting.

Then in a few weeks I'm getting apples and pecans (two of each) from the county. (thanks, aces)

The pecans will be SUPER expensive, because I'm pulling out four pine trees to put them in, but they should be the showpiece of the front of the home when mature. Plus they're 7 gallon, so there should be nuts in 3 years.

Somewhere in all this, I want to do some little yard beds and get my seedlings in. Just a few things to start - onions, peppers, tomatoes.

John Galt 1:
I've found that buying the trees is the easy part.     The hard part is getting them established enough to minimize watering ect.

Yes, the plan is to soak them once a week and hope it either rains or they can skip a week when I can't get to them.

Clean livin. I was going to buy some beds, but I can make 4x8 beds out of 2x12s with only one cut. That's 32 cubic feet. I called the bulk materials place near me and they sell something called organic potting soil by the cubic yard - 27 cubic feet, for $29-something after tax. Perfect!

Well I'm sitting up here with only two holes dug and nothing in the ground. Got a trailer load of trees, bushes, and lumber sitting on standby.

The stuff in buckets will be fine if it doesn't drown. I called the orchard and they said the bare root trees will be fine as well. Fingers crossed for next week!


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