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Anyone ever do a "We want to buy your house" deal?

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I need to get rid of a house. My parents old house.

The whole time I was trying to sell it on behalf of my mom, any TWO of me, the realtor, or the lawyer, were anxious to sell it at any given time, and the third was holding it up.

Now there are no legal hurdles and it has to go. The listing contract has expired with the realtor, and I've started to notice I get AT LEAST weekly postcards saying "we want to buy your house". It's a dated interior fixer upper but huge with property on an in-demand area, so it would be perfect for that market.

I'm thinking of collecting up all the postcards and letters, and contacting all the people with internet ads and billboards, and such, setting an open house date, and letting them have a bidding war. I could get at least a dozen people this way.

Anyone every use these services?

The market is hot right now. Put it on the market. It will sell for 90-110% of list price, which is more than you will get otherwise.

I have a friend that does that . The key for we buy houses types is that it must be  that they buy bargains . The saying is you make your money when you buy . He has rentals in 4 states that I know of. What area is the house in and I will pass the info along .

I had an offer on my house in Gwinnett. They offered me $95K for a 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 2-car garage, on 1/3 acre. I still owed $96K so I told them no thanks. I sold it for $135K cash. If I had had $10K to do some siding work and gutter work then I would have either kept it and rented it out for much more or sold it for $170K+. But I didn't, so I didn't. ;-)

I have researched several companies that do this and I have not found one of them that doesn't just lowball the heck out of you and dump all kinds of fees on top of that.  The only advantage that I see to using someone like this is their ability to close quickly, but the flip side is that you will get a sales price that is substancially below market value and you net sales price will be even worse.

My suggestion is to list it with an Agent "AS IS".......make sure that the listing states that the sale is "AS IS" and then be prepared to get a string of lowball offers........tell the Agent to list it at about 10% above fair market value for it's condition.......then simply wait.....the other option is to list it under the same condition at 15% over market and then cut the price by the extra 5% after 45 sometimes give the perception that people are getting a "deal".....the listing will show that the price has been reduced and for those that are following the listing with one of the many Real Estate websites, they will get notification that there has been a price drop.  Don't feel like a "jerk" for listing it too high.....everyone is listing their property too high right now.....the scary thing is that many of them are actually getting very close to the asking price......the number of real "deals" is getting very'll be better off to list it 10-15% above and end up taking 5-10% below market value than going with one of the buy direct companies.


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