Author Topic: Are you missing any money? You may have money you don't know about!  (Read 1207 times)


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I got a phone call today with some relatively good news. Turns out my dad at some point had opened an account in my name I never knew about.

It got me thinking that I didn't know if there might be other things he owned or had or did that I didn't know about. Same with my mom. Accounts and assets get turned over to the state at some point, but you can still claim them if you make the effort.

The main site is

When I ran this, I initially did all states because I didn't know where they might have had assets.

When the search results came back too large, I tried to narrow it down to GA and it said that GA didn't participate, but has their own web site.

I didn't find anything on them, but found I think seven lines for myself!

I can't imagine what they are, but I clicked the checkmarks next to my name and sent off for the info. I can't help but wonder if the bulk of it is rebate checks I never cashed, but there might be a gem or two in there. Fingers crossed!

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I did this last year with alot of hesitation but its legit, got a $25 and $30 dollar check from florida. Some refund i never received. My step dad had a 2100 dollar anuity owed to him from his mothers death. You just never know.


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Geez, I did this for myself years and years ago & it is legit.

I never thought to do it with my husband's name after he died.  I think he left deposits at every apt he lived in during the mid-70s!  Got some paperwork to do tomorrow, lol.
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dang, I am still po ::)

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I also have been successful finding lost money. Idaho sent me a $60 check several months ago! Very little paperwork. Then just waiting a week or two.