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Review: Zaycon pulled pork


Picked this up this week - 30 lbs - 15 2 lbs bags - fully cooked.

Looks like I gave $2.79/lb.

I'll definitely get more.

Not my pic - comes frozen - the 2 lb bags are a super handy size.

As good as it is, I think the "easy" really just puts it over the top. I have a tiny little micro crock pot. I slit the bag and plopped out the pork in it after thawing mostly - put it on low - boom - dinner ready in a couple hours. You could probably put it in there full-on frozen.

It's fully seasoned. I added a little salt after tasting maybe halfway through warming. It was a little "dense", so I "repulled" it a bit with a couple forks.

It's proper slow-cooked and seasoned BBQ, too. No sauce. I added some sauce in the last ten minutes or so because it's good for sandwichizing the meat - just throw it on a bun and done.

This one is definitely going to be a keeper for me. It rates pretty highly in the category of "I want dinner in about two hours, and I want to put in as little effort as possible".

Nice. Is it a lean meat, fatty, or just a good balance of both?

I'd say it was perfect. Most of the fat seemed to stay stuck to the bag when I emptied it. If you took it out still frozen, it would be a little fattier.


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