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Country Singer:
Looks like they've got a good group running as well as a lot of resources on their site.

Looks like a great site.

Know what it's missing? A discussion forum.

Do you or anyone have an in with them. They could pretty much have "Florida" mostly to themselves.

Country Singer:
Already talked to them about it.  They're going to discuss it at their next meeting.

I didn't get a chance to bring a discussion group up at our meeting yesterday. The plan was to have part of the meeting going over our web site, web resources, etc., and that was going to be part of the discussion. The person who knows how to set up the big screen monitors wasn't there. A couple of us looked at the equipment, shook our heads, and decided we weren't going to risk messing something up. Next meeting.

In the mean time, here's a link to the meeting notes. Sanitation and Dealing With Death don't rank very high on the "Cool Factor" scale, but they are important topics for those who take preparedness seriously. When I get some more time, I'll add to the notes from some of the hand-outs from the meeting. This month's handouts came out to 40 pages. At almost every meeting, there are printed notes, PDF docs, etc., that are available for everyone there. Members are encouraged to compile them into 3-ring binders or other organizing methods so they can accumulate a library of prep materials.

Speaking of accumulating a library - several of us have assembled lists of our favorite preparedness books. It started out as a "Top Twenty" list, but sometimes that number gets exceeded a bit.

Country Singer:
Welcome!  Glad you made it over here!


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