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I got a tip on a Campout coming up, and it's hosted by Carolina Prepper's Network, who has a Facebook page.

You have to ask to join and give a reason to join. I just told them I was on the SC/GA state line.

Not much content that I see, but I suck at Facebook. And they have a lot of RSVPs to a campout they're planning.

If you're associated with it or know someone who is, we'd love to know more. Maybe even make them an affiliate site.

Seems like I remember a “TriState” camp out a number of years ago. I met several really nice people from SC. It was at some state park where there was a lake and a dam in SC. We had several members that refused to go because of state carry reciprocity....or rather lack thereof. Does anyone remember that one and when it was?

John Galt 1:
Don't know when it was but you can now carry on your person with a GA permit in SC.       Carrying in the glovebox in SC without a permit is a No-no.


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