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North Carolina Prepper Network Campout - Sept 6-8 2018


Lilburner: (Private group - must ask to join)

CPN Bug Out 2018
Sept 6-9th

Come join us for CPN's first annual camping trip.
Morrow Mountain State Park - Classes are being held throughout the day Friday & Saturday. We will have hands-on classes, potluck dinners, trading, and selling post as well as recreational activities. Be ready to learn and meet the rest of the CPN family!

Class List -
1. Water Purification & Storage
2. Stop the Bleed
3. Tourniquet & Tactical Trauma
4. Back Packing 101
5. Foraging and Herbal Medicine
6. Knot Tying
7. Raising & Butchering Rabbits
8. Cooking of a fire
9. Compass & Navigation
10. Communication
11. Wilderness First Aid
12. Leathercraft
13. Animal tracking, Trapping & Hunting
14. Permaculture
And possibly many more!

Highlight and copy Link
Camping Link - rrow-Mountain-State-Park/r/ page=map&search=site&contractCode=NC&parkId=552856

Loop B is filled so we are expanding into Loop C. Make sure you reserve your site ASAP. Check-in is 4 pm so feel free to come up on Thursday to take advantage of the Friday classes! Sunday we will have a service then open the trading/selling post before saying goodbye for now!

If you are interested in teaching a class please contact Megan Nowak at / text - 704-989-1255) or Jennifer Bluhm at / text - 704-564-0420

We look forward to seeing y'all there!


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