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Be Ready 3 Person/3Day bag by UST



Originally this was gonna be a taste test between UST bars and Datrex on our campout, but then got to thinking it was a good chance to do some basic field testing of some of the included gear. So, it ended up getting expanded a little.

One of my pet peeves is people who buy survival gear...and that's it. They think since they have it they are ok...and it's not the case. I refuse to take out anything I have not tested, unless it is the test and I have something to back it up.

Anyway, my brother had gotten ahold of a few of the UST Be Ready bags, so while I was in natures embrace, I tested a few things out.

Here is the video.

A few notes....
The matches I was using came out of my car and hunting kit. They had originally been purchased at Preppers Vault if that gives any idea on age. Not sure if heat and humidity's gotten to them just being in the box, but I will be cycling them thru very soon. I have others that have came with rations that are packaged differently, so it will be a good indicator.

The lightstick was lit around 10-11pm. I did crash right after, hanging it on my Ridgeline past my head but still hidden by the tarp. At 4 am when something woke me up it was still bright enough I could see for about 10'-15' with ease.

I cannot find it at walmart website now.

Otherwise see below.



yeah, it looks like a lot of the Wallys were trying to clearance them out. But you can also find them at Amazon for $49.


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