Author Topic: Review: Might-D-Light 10-Watt 400-Lumen Rechargeable Folding LED Work Light  (Read 1757 times)


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I'd seen these lights on store shelves and never thought too much of them.

Someone brought one to a campout several years ago and I was immediately impressed and bought one right away. The utility is pretty phenomenal. They fill a great void between flashlight and a lantern, and can be used as a little of both. You can adjust the light by how far you open it and how much light output you use - it had full power and half power mode. It's got a hook on one end and a ring on the other, and magnets all over. I used it exclusively at the campout, and lighting any job was trivial by folding it and setting it in a certain position.

The best part to me is that it's USB rechargeable. I alternate charging it and my phone in the truck, so it's always charged up with no need to keep batteries on hand. I'm thinking of getting more for this reason alone and keeping them in places where I maintain USB charging like bedside tables.

Everywhere I look, it's $21.89 - Amazon, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes... So here's an Amazon link.

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Great idea! I like that it is rechargeable in the car or with a jumper unit and uniquely positionable.
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Saw you using one at the campout.     No offence but it looked awkward to hold and point.

I'll stick to a headlamp.
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