Author Topic: Oath keepers needs hams, emt's, road clearing and security for hurricane relief  (Read 389 times)


details here:

must be able to sustain yourself for 7 days


Holy crap!  I just googled "Who can be an Oath Keeper."  Check this garbage out -  For those that don't want to click, it states that Oath Keepers are anti-government extremists with links to white supremacy.  In the same paragraph, it states that they promise to uphold the Constitution.  Those are kind of mutually exclusive groups, but why let logic get in the way.

I was curious because both my boys - aged 15 and 17 when they filled out their work forms - had to pledge an oath to uphold the Constitution.  My youngest is much more prone to showing any emotion (older one's got Aspergers).  He was so proud to click yes that he wanted to take a picture.  He would have been fired, so he didn't.  Working for Kennesaw State University and Cobb County School District is a little less dangerous than military and first responders.  Their official site,, made it clear that the kids could be associate members, not members for now.
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Because anyone can edit Wikipedia, activists make it read what they want regardless of any truth..


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That is not what the Oathkeepers are. They are active and retired military and LEO. But, in my opinion they are not what they think they are. They ask for dues and then never hear nothing else from them. I used to be an Oathkeeper. But, I left them as well as several other key individuals here in Georgia. They were at the Bundy stand off I know for sure in Nevada when that went down. I knew several folks who went out and came home disenchanted with them. Don't think they are as active as they used to be. is/was their website. Haven't visited it in years.
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don't believe wiki. that's like getting your info from cnn and the southern poverty law center
although oath keepers were starting to go a little crazy a few years ago,I hear they've come back to center.

if you took an oath to the constitution and you still stand by it, you are an oath keeper