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Project: 10KW generator on dedicated trailer.

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My balls are too big! More on that later.

Like several of us, I got the 10,000 Watt dual Fuel generator that kept getting discounted on eBay. I got it at $499. It's back up to $1200 now!

While my main interest is whole house power, no reason to be handstrapped to just one use.  I might want to use it in the barn, in the field - bring it home and use it on a different house - loan it out - take it to an emergency, etc.

But it's 265 lbs without fuel. Throwing it on the bed of my truck by myself is right out. It's got a wheel kit, but I didn't look forward to bending over double and trying to roll the little hard wheels through grass, dirt, etc.

Then I hit on the idea of putting it on a lawn mower cart. Then that led me to the idea of mounting it on a tiny little road trailer so I can take it wherever I want. I also have hitches for my riding mower, so I can chug a small trailer around all over on my property. I started by looking at a tiny little 40x48 from Harbor Freight.

But it was kind of irksome that at $289 with no coupon allowed, it was as much as one of their 4x8 trailers. Plus you have to build it and then spend the better part of another $100 on decking, rails, hardware, etc.

Then I looked around some more and found a little 42x60 from Carry On that's apprently exclusive to Lowe's. It was $499 on sale at $399. Got a 10% coupon from the post office and gift cards on line which got it down to $338.40 - ultimately cheaper than the Harbor Freight Trailer and I don't even have to put it together!

It's so tiny! I have no way of knowing if it's behind me or not except when I go through a 90 degree turn. Tailgaters can even still lose their headlights in my tailgate. I'm ultimately going to have to get a drop hitch for it because I'll want it level, and a tongue wheel jack because it will be heavy.

I'm hoping to fit the generator, about three propane tanks, a sound-deadening enclosure, and a toolbox for cords, oil, funnel, etc. If there's any room left over, maybe a small air compressor so I can run air tools far from home. We'll see.

Since it's such a tiny little trailer - it's made for Priuses and Camrys and whatnot to tow, it's called I think a "Class 1". It's got a 1 7/8 hitch, and all my balls were 2". I had to get a new ball while I was at Lowes, and picked up one for the lawn mower while I was at it.

Hopefully more details will be forthcoming.

A few years after I built my house, I also wanted a generator.  Especially since the house was wired for a generator from day 1.  I bought a Miller Bob Cat 225.  When I went looking for a welder/generator, the Lincoln salesman said "The Miller is a generator that will also weld.  The lincoln is a welder first."  I bought the Miller.  I borrowed a guy with a small Toyota pickup truck and hauled it home.  It was almost down hard on the frame with the springs compressed.  He backed it into my garage, hooked a comealong to the overhead beam, lifted the machine up and drove out from under it.  I also made a small trailer to haul it around on.  I balanced it to be just a little tongue heavy and it pulls great down the road.  Double duty welding and 8KW 240VAC generator.
I am having trouble locating a good picture of the trailer.  Power meter in the picture is the one that runs backwards all the time.

Done! That was easy!

Seriously, though - it does give you a sense of scale.

I had to drag it partially off the end of the pallet, tilt the trailer, stick it under there - then go stand in the trailer to tip it the other way, and drag it on. You can imagine why I wouldn't want to spend any time and energy on moving this thing around.

You know what's super weird? Hauling a trailer you can't see. I'm going to have to get a flag or some of those posts they put on boat trailers.
You know what else is super weird? When a guy comes up to you at a gas station and asks "Do you want a couple of real gold necklaces to go with that generator?"

Other than antenna flags, my husband says you could put a folding or telescoping light tower on it to light it when you are using it to see what you are doing.

He is a little concerned it will bounce a lot and beat on the generator since the trailer does not have springs.


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