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Today's find.

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One thing I've learned about small engines is that almost all non-working/unwanted small engines have succumbed to letting pump gas sit in them. The gas in this one looks like motor oil. Sure enough, it fired right up on starting fluid. So just drain the gas and clean the carb and boom - done.

It's not fancy or large. Not self-propelled and only 4HP, but that works out to $0/HP.

Just set up an appointment to pick up two free working garage door openers tomorrow.

But why? I'm building a barn with two ten foot tall lofts. I'm going to take a crack at this sort of thing.

Bonus! They were huge garage doors - easily 10 ft long.

You may notice a bit of the steel cabinet I picked on the way to pick up the garage door openers  ;D Life is good.

That is an awesome find. Dis you get the remotes with them?

No. I got the wall controls but no remotes. I don't really need them for my project. Just wired switches top and bottom. Doorbell buttons make fine garage door opener buttons.


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