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Anyone ever bulk order from

I'm thinking about it. It would be handy for storage for a lot of the things I like - many of them toiletries. Case of toothpaste, case of mouthwash, etc. It would be cleaner than storing things individually. Also wouldn't have to do the shopping. It ships to store - you just go in and pick up your cases. Also, sometimes a particular store won't always carry what I like. or one will be out of something for a while.

What do y'all like and not like at Dollar Tree? Here are a few of mine.

Toiletries: I like most of them: Body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, mouthwash. Most of my toiletries come from here.

First aid/health: Some things - not adhesive bandages (I just about buy only Band-Aid Tough Strips). I get 2x2 gauze pads, triple antibiotic, travel packs of name brand pain relievers and such. tussin cough suppressant, sleep aid... I used to like their fake liquid Benadryl, but I think they discontinued it.

Tools: Not much. Usually something disposable - got a big pack of foam brushes there yesterday for a project and I'm going to drop them straight in the trash after. A few good things for backup or putting in a bag as a secondary.

Food: Nothing really. I used to enjoy getting bread, chips, and cookies, but I don't really eat much of those things any more.

Cleaning supplies: I like the oxygen bleach powder and the LA Totally Awesome general purpose cleaner, but that's about it. I'm pretty picky about laundry (Tide/Tandil) and dish (Dawn) detergent. They have small bottles of Dawn if I need to pop in and grab something without a full-blown grocery store trip. The mops, brooms, etc., are kind of a pathetic joke.

Paper/plastic/foil products: No to the paper towels and toilet paper. The ziplocks aren't good for food, but OK for collecting up things to organize. The foil pans are quite nice.

Kitchen stuff: Nothing stellar, but quite usable for the most part. I use a lot of the utensils for camping. The shears, along with the same basic kind at Harbor Freight are must haves.

Stationery: I get most of my stationery items here. I'm going to lose the pens before they run out anyway, and what can really go wrong with a paper clip? Take a pass on the little notebooks if you're outfitting a bag, though, and splurge on Rite in the Rain products.

Storage: Some nice baskets and buckets and such: Also the little bitty containers that come in a 10 or 12 pack are nice for putting small quantities of things in a bag.

What do y'all like or dislike?

If the stores will let you do that, awesome. But, all we have here in Podunk is a Dollar General and a Family Dollar. Employees aint the smartest and neither are the managers and most here wont allow it. They say the prices are low already, but you can by them individually with no sort of discount....

I like Family Dollar a bit better, most everything really is only a dollar.  I have tried some of their canned goods in a pinch when I remembered something and didn't want to hit a grocery store.  They were not out of date as I expected and they are as good as the WalMart house brand.

Their plastic bags have been good and I love all the baskets - I found 6 small/medium oval ones that fit in the bottom of my closet, so I sort my laundry as I take it off.  I also use their small laundry baskets to sell extra chicks and ducklings at the auction, since they can't be in cardboard anymore.

I buy TP at Sams by the case, but FD's large tissue boxes are cheaper.  I only keep a couple of cases of paper towels on hand as I've switched to cloth for everything except dog accidents and me dropping an egg, lol!   I have 7 of their brooms, 1 in every coop, 1 in my 'convenience' store, 2 in the house and 1 on the big front porch, along with the matching dustbins.  They seem to be holding up pretty well.

I've picked up some extra kitchen tools to store: spatulas, nylon spoons, can openers, brushes. etc.

And I check out the clothing - I've picked up some neat tees and decent house shoes/slippers that I can go outside in if I need to.  But it's always hit or miss on those.

I buy a lot of their gift wrapping bags and little things to fill stockings or gift bags for church events, pencils and spray bottles.  Cheap paint brushes for one time jobs or just touch ups when I don't want to dirty my good set.

Seeds when they go on sale for 5 or 10 cents a pack.

I wouldn't be interested in any case lot purchases but it's a great idea for those just ramping up.


--- Quote from: bountyhunter on February 14, 2019, 04:51:18 PM ---If the stores will let you do that, awesome.
--- End quote ---

It's specific to Dollar Tree. All of their stores are corporate, incidentally - no franchising. I learned this when I thought a Dollar Tree in my NEGA town would be a good business opportunity.

I don't go to Dollar General or Family Dollar much. I just never really "took" to them.

Dollar General and Family Dollar is all we have in the respects of the Dollar Tree. So I have to go with what I have or drive 40 miles. But, we do have a Roses Express............bout the same as a Dollar General but with a little more selection.


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