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Chronic Wasting Disease


Country Singer:
Chronic Wasting Disease is essentially "Mad Cow Disease" in deer.  While it has not (yet) appeared in Georgia, there is an outbreak in North Mississippi and West Tennessee.

Well, crap!   

There's also something new going on with ducks, geese & possible turkeys out west.  Not any avian flu known, not a flu at all.  The report I read yesterday tried to imply it was a similar prion-type disease, although extremely fast acting.  I think on that part they were just trying to stir up emotions, the docs quoted really didn't have a clue.

Country Singer:
Update: They've expanded the affected area.

Man, if bad things happen, that's gonna kill some folks who don't know about this and plan on living off their hunting.

Scary stuff. We do not do anything to concentrate deer on our place, but surrounding areas certainly do. There’s a hunting club out of Atlanta that has land close to us and i am certain they probably use any method out there, both legal and illegal, to concentrate deer.


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