Author Topic: Got my billfold back! Faith in humanity + positive police experience  (Read 355 times)


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Losing my billfold at the exact moment I was leaving town was a real disaster.

Thanks to BennyMG1 and Starlady for cashing checks for me, and the rest who offered to help. Got a tank of diesel, got to do the auction, and had enough to be comfortable driving around on (with my AAA membership that includes my trailer).

When I got home last night there was a note on the door with a phone number. I called and got voice mail in spanish. tried this morning and the person just kept going "No". I wasn't sure if there was a language barrier or if they'd had a change of heart about returning it in the interim. I drove up to the police station and an officer helped me by putting a Spanish speaker on the phone and getting it sorted out. I went to pick it up and everything including the cash was in it. It seemed like a bit of a low income situation, so I'm glad there wasn't much cash in there - I was able to give them more cash as a reward than what was in the billfold.

The cop even called me a few hours later and made sure everything had gone well.

I had only officially cancelled one card and got an emergency replacement. The rest I was able to put holds on, so I can reactivate them. But mainly I don't have to replace my Driver's License and weapons license. Whew!

Prepper lesson learned: I've already removed a card to keep separate from the billfold, and started restocking the cash reserve I'd depleted by giving my neighbor cash.

Thanks again for the help getting me to the campout!

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thats good news

pro tip, scan/photo copy front and back of all cards in your wallet
you'll have account and phone numbers to call
copy your DL and you'll have something as back up until you can get a replacement - it's not legal, but it's better than nothing

I have it all in an encrypted folder
keep a copy in your safe, family's house, safe deposit box etc


that is really great to hear!
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