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portable distiller desalination



Country Singer:
This would be useful for medical purposes where one needs distilled water instead of "normal" water.  One example would be for use in a neti pot; another would be for CPAPs.  I also know that freeze-dried plasma will soon be on the market, which requires distilled water to reconstitute for use.

Awesome video Country Singer! Thanks for sharing  :) I think the principle could be upscaled slightly for bigger volumes, but definitely a lot of valuable tips.

you giving that chump the credit?

It looks like I found the same bottle

this is slightly different, I'll solder the npt end directly to my cap

also going to include a rubber plug so my distiller doesn't become an improvised hand grenade

silver solder is a little pricey but it's top shelf stuff, easy to use, you only need a little bit so you'll have it for next time


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