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Field Kitchen ! just had to take picctures
« on: July 12, 2019, 06:33:48 PM »
I went camping earlier this week and ran across this field kitchen.  I just had to take pictures.  When I first saw it the lady was feeding a small group.  I came back the next day and took pictures without food in them.

In the rear of the tent I spotted a camp stove.

I just had to get a closer picture.  This stove is used to heat an open sided tent and also to cook on using wood as the fuel.

More stoves and an oven that came out of an old camper.

I don't know what this is, a dehydrator, a smoker ?  I did not ask and show my ignorance.

It has everything even a Cabelas kitchen sink.

Now, the lady of the kitchen just retired.....  What did she retire from?
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Re: Field Kitchen ! just had to take picctures
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Ask next time!  If she's letting you take pictures, my bet is she's open to questions.  My gosh though, how hot would it be in there???  Also, is this just a short camping trip, or her (semi) permanent set up?  I can't imagine setting all this up just for a few meals.  In Scouts, we've fed 100 with less.  It's really impressive though.  Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Field Kitchen ! just had to take picctures
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The owners were present when I took pictures with permission.

This is a Summer camp.  They work in the campground in the Summer.  Their home is on a mountain an hours drive away.  I am helping to get DHW (Domesitc Hot Water) off grid with a solar water heater.  Next step is to install an inverter used as a UPS.  Next step is to add solar pv panels.  House heat is hot water boiler so controls and circulating pump & fan is all the electrical required.  She told me she would switch to propane for cooking.

They have and use a generator with all the power outages that come with living on the mountain.  The generator is 120VAC as it came out of a motor home.  I told them no problem, that an auto transformer would easily convert it to 240 vac then the inverter could start & stop it automatically on battery voltage set point.  That way the generator could power loads and charge batteries at the same time.


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Re: Field Kitchen ! just had to take picctures
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OMG!! I'm in love. 


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Re: Field Kitchen ! just had to take picctures
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Wow, that is my idea of a real bug out kitchen. As much cooking as folks have to do having a real working kitchen is a God send! And RWS you are a gem to help them with their hot water needs. Wish I knew those folks, I bet I could learn a lot of off grid things from them.
Thanks so much for sharing!!


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Re: Field Kitchen ! just had to take picctures
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Nice set up! If you are feeding for a bunch of folks for sure. Good base camp kitchen, just wouldn't want to lug it unless by vehicle of course. Didn't see any lightning in it though. I have a 10x20 that I use for a kitchen tent at my camp and we use LED strip lightning for under the canopy and it is definitely bright enough. But, whoever owns the above kitchen tent that is definitely a nice set up.....
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Re: Field Kitchen ! just had to take picctures
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I grew up heavily involved in a summer camp for kids.       Mucking horse stalls, washing dishes for 180 kids, and teaching some classes summer for many years.       Having said that I'm surprised that the health department and the American Camping Association would allow a setup like that.

It's an impressive kludge run by a person who obviously cares for the health of her campers and works very hard to keep the kids healthy.     Still I'm surprised the health department finds it acceptable.
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