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(FIXED) Tinypic is shutting down or already has.

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I got info the other day that tinypic is shutting down.

I took it under advisement, assuming it was like 30-90 days out and I could do a workaround to save the pictures.

The pictures aren't showing today for me today. I'm not sure if that's temporary or the final shutdown. Hopefully I'll be able to retrieve them somehow if they're not already gone forever.

More to come. If you have any insight, please share.

I'm showing it working again for now.

Going to try to save our pics before they shutdown.

I'm downloading the entire website now including pictures (normal backups don't include the content of online pictures).

So it should be a case of uploading them to a new host with the same names and doing a global replace with the new host name.

Hopefully we can find something as easy as the tinypic plug in, because people always had trouble posting pictures before that.

I'll keep y'all posted.

I've been looking for a replacement system without much luck.

In the past, we've disabled and/or discouraged the image attachment system for images as a cost saver.

Thanks to your generosity and the success and popularity of our campout auctions, it seems safe to say we can budget for more hosting going forward, and fully embrace image attachments on our own server.

I don't anticipate any pushback, so look for an announcement and forum modifications soon.

One thing I always hated about the attachment system was the "thumbnail" in the post was effectively useless. You had to click every pic to look at it.

I've tweaked it so that the thumbnail is a usable-sized picture, and then you can elect to expand it.

One example is at http://seprepnet.com/forum/index.php/topic,3856

Let me know what you think of how it displays.


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