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WWV Survey from FCC
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Department of Defense Message Prompts Listeners to Take WWV/WWVHSurvey
Through Saturday, August 24, WWV and WWVH will transmit a USDepartment of Defense
(DOD) message in conjunction with the COMEX 19-3interoperability exercise in
Tennessee. The broadcast also urges listenersto complete asurvey on WWV/WWVH
listenership and listening habits. Themessages are broadcast on WWV at 10 minutes
past the hour and on WWVH at 50minutes past the hour. WWV and WWVH transmit on 2.5,
5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 MHz.
In addition to asking for the name, email address, and locationof those completing
the “WWV/WWVH Reception Report,” the surveyseeks information on which station (i.e.,
WWV or WWVH) was heard, thefrequency, the transmitted audio quality, whether the
information was relevantor useful, how often the respondent monitors WWV/WWVH
broadcasts, whether therespondent uses a clock or other device that synchronizes
with thelow-frequency (60 kHz) WWVB timetransmissions, and any other information the
respondent would consider usefulto hear on WWV/WWVH broadcasts.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) — part of the USDepartment
of Commerce — is using the information gathered to determine“how often their
stations are monitored and how the various timingsignals and messages are used by
the listeners,” Chief of US Army MARSPaul English, WD8DBY, said on the US Army MARS
Facebookpage. “As the saying goes, ‘every vote counts,’ and yourinput to this survey
is being used to help demonstrate the importance of thesestations.” Listeners may
file multiple reception reports, and anyone maycomplete the survey.
Earlier this year, the DefenseDepartment began making use of the provisional time
slots on WWV and WWVH toannounce upcoming HF military communication exercises and to
explain how theAmateur Radio community can become involved in them. Use of the time
slots hascorresponded with Department of Defense communication exercises (COMEX);
COMEX19-3 takes place this month. The announcements will resume during COMEX 19-4
Following a proof of concept thisyear, DOD anticipates making use of the WWV/WWVH
broadcast time slot full time,all year.
Concern arose in 2018 after WWV andWWVH were included on a list of proposed cuts in
the Administration’sFiscal Year 2019 budget request for NIST.