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A Floating Tent?


Country Singer:
Yes, a floating tent, but the blaze orange isn't very stealthy...and it costs $2000.

at least it's a good idea if your at a campground with a lake.and you want to make sure that you have your night time privacy. .lol

noe I'm wondering if I can come across a inflatable raft for my 10x14 cabin tent.. :D

ive slept in a sleeping bag on the front deck of my bass boat before LOL Friend slept in his on back deck. Woke up next morning unzipped and started fishing LOL. Anchored up in a cove on a lake. Have also pulled up on many a sandbar at the river and camped out.

this guy built his raft from barrels, theres a few builds like this on yourtube. pretty interesting


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