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"Buzz saw on a stick" Renegade blades for brush clearing.


I don't know if I was the last one to hear about these or not, but if there's anyone left, they need to know if they do any brush cutting.

I've got trimmers upon trimmers. Probably 6. They seem to breed or adopt or something. I've had string heads and that little three pointed head that doesn't even have an edge on it, and every time I'd get up to a small tree I'd think ""I wonder if I could just put a saw blade on this b**ch?"

Turns out I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. There are all kinds of "saw blades" for trimmers. The first one I looked at was rimmed in a chainsaw style blade. Fortunately one of my favorite ever YouTube channels had a showdown on trimmer heads. Project Farm.

He tested two Renegade blades and they pretty much both cut through trees like butter - more efficiently than the chainsaw type blade.

I see that I ordered my first Renegade blade from Amazon in February and the next one in August. They do wear, and I'm not sure if you can sharpen them or not. Even replacing every 6 months for heavy tree use, they're more than worth it. Fresh blades cut through 3" trees just instantly. Any bigger and you have to come at it from both sides by nature of the design. The more powerful your head, the better you'll do, and wind it up all the way before you touch a tree. If for any reason it doesn't make it through and starts to slow the motor, just give up, pull it out, wind it up, and hit it again. I get that mostly with cedar. But otherwise it lets you just walk through a tree stand unimpeded. There's a little trade-off in the durability between wanting to cut everything flush with the ground and letting the blade hit dirt and rocks.

All-in-all, the saw blade trimmer is one of my top tools around the homestead.


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