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Every so often, I pick up something in town and it spends a night or two on a truck or trailer in my suburban driveway before it seemingly disappears. Barrels, IBCs, pallets, equipment - even my tractor spent an evening here.

The most ridiculous to date was when I drove my tank home from Griffin and spent the night at home. That one actually got questioned by a neighbor.

Today's entry is two commercial server racks I'm taking up tomorrow.

Whenever I bring home something weird, I'm convinced the neighbors are perplexedly asking the title line from my favorite Tom Waits song.

Lilburner, Would you mind parking that tank in my front yard now and then?  I could just sit out there with a helmet and some heavy fire and keep peeking out from time to time.  Since you got it in Griffin, maybe it is still in the general area.  I am in the County and would love to have a tank.  If you could see me, you would laugh your tail off!!!  I wonder if they were serious when they said "no restrictions" on our eleven acres???

Well the tank is plastic so it wouldn't provide cover.

I can't imagine too many places where 11 acres has a lot of restrictions. I'm zoned agricultural so it's pretty much anything goes.

When I built my barn I called the county and asked what it took to get a building permit.


"Do you send out an inspector?"

"Are your setbacks right?"



In stark contrast to the time I lived in city of Atlanta and spent half a day at city hall sketching scale drawings of replacement windows on to legal documents.

Life is good.

We did have to get a permit for our 10x20 potting shed.  It is on concrete.  I guess if you just set something in, without nailing it down, that doesn't count.  We brought in a chicken coop and greenhouse from Southern Mo., because we had their buildings in the past.  Those, we just sat in place. Maybe it is a case of "don't ask, don't tell ;)

Love the video!  8)


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