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Prepper Camp 2020 - September 25-27, 2020

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2020 Prepper Camp announced!

Orchard Lake Campground, Saluda, NC
September 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2020.

The three day campout is one of the largest prepper events in the world - three days of classes, workshops, vendors, information, friends old and new, meeting experts... and camping!

I went this year - my first - and was thrilled to spend time with Upacreek and Progeek, some people I know outside the board, and make new friends and contacts.

LITERALLY the only downside is you have to pick how much information you can absorb. This year you had to pick something like 21 classes out of maybe 80 offered. Even being what I like to think of as an established prepper, I picked up absolutely life-changing skills and information, and I hope to never miss another one.

Currently, as of this writing, tickets are LESS than half price as a holiday special. Normal tickets are $90. Not sure when exactly this ends. I bought mine close to Christmas last year and they still had the holiday pricing.

CHILD (2-7 YRS OLD)   $9.95

They eventually sell out. You can get an event ticket closer to the event, but camping goes FAST! I think the first year I heard of this it was about June and was sold out. The next year it was maybe March and the camping was sold out. So now is the time to act if you want to camp!

I highly recommend this event! Hope to see you there!

I just bought tickets for myself and wife.  Now I have to get campground reservations.  If they are full, not a problem as my North Carolina friend lives within 50 miles and I can camp there free.  Just have to drive in each day and will miss the campground experience.

Looking forward to seeing you!

With your rig, you're going to want to park as close to the festivities as possible. I'm on the back side and drive back and forth to the event. Upacreek was right by me and walked every day - depends on how much you like walking after a long day, I suppose, but it's a haul to the back of the campground.

The target is the soccer/golf/volleyball area for the day's activities.

1-14 and A-G are the closest. But there seem to be a lot of year-round people in those slot.

Here's the map.

I requested my same far-away spot as this year because it's basically a pull-thru for my little rig. I'm thinking I'm going to bring my dirt bike for the campground.

Here are some of my tips. Hopefully the others who've attended will join in.

If you drive from your campsite to the parking lot, plan to eat lunch in your vehicle. It takes a while to get through the campground and back during the lunch break. There are food vendors, but everyone there wants to eat at three vendors at the same time so the lines are crazy. I wasn't super prepared for this, so wound up having jerky, nuts, and cookies for lunch all three days since that was what was already in the truck. I'll do better next year, but there are worse things than jerky, nuts, and cookies for lunch.

Bring a chair - not necessarily for the whole weekend, but the "Help! I can't afford a chair!" plastic chairs they use get real old, real quick. Of course I'm not built for cheap chairs, but normal-sized folks were plenty tired of them, too. I normally prefer a director-style chair, but the conventional kind with the bag and the shoulder strap is better for dragging around all over from tent to tent.

Might want to have an umbrella with you, and/or be SUPER aware of the geography of the sun when you sit down. For many of the classes, the shade is fully outside the tent. Combine this with bringing your own chair where you'll be sitting slightly outside the end of a row anyway, be sure and get on the correct side.

Bring everything you can think of to collect information - notepad, camphone for the classes with screens... I took a little digital voice recorder and I'm glad I did. Boy, the information comes at you fast and furious - it's almost difficult to absorb it all!

I'll add more if I think of it. I'm curious what the other veterans have to add in the way of tips.

Did you guys have any luck reserving your camp site?  I'm trying to and I'm getting no availability for anything.  Tickets only went on sale a few days ago.  I'm hoping it's a glitch with their reservation page.  Staying there last year was so much better (and cheaper) than going to it each day.


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