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It's A Christmas Tree....Not a Holiday Tree....

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Just when you think that things can't get any worse....they do.  Now, some committee for religious freedom, wants to change the name of the Christmas tree in a Federal Building to a holiday tree.  Do you see a capitol letter in from of the word holiday???? Nope, but you do see one in the word Christmas, as in Christian Holiday.?...  That is what it is.  That is how it started....the reason for the season.  So, have your "holiday" parties, but please leave our Christmas alone.  We have been celebrating it way too long, for all the right reasons. 
If I just broke a rule here, I guess this won't be posted.....but I got to let off a little steam at bedtime.....

Don't think there'd be much argument from anyone here.

My take:

you don't want 'religion' in your life, fine, quit taking all those days (Good Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving) off.

I've softened somewhat on parties. Our ham club has a holiday party because there are members of different faiths represented. Frankly, if someone came forward here and said they didn't feel included because of their faith, I'd certainly want to change that. The people, ultimately, are more important than the nomenclature.

But it's hard to be apologetic for the Christmas tree. It's a symbol used to celebrate Christmas, albeit originally borrowed from other culture. Keep the Christmas tree, and if applicable, add and educate about your own holiday iconography. Bring a menorah, dreidels, etc. If there are other symbols important to your holiday faith/tradition, people would like to know about that so we can learn about and respect each other.

Trying to make the Christmas tree into something it's not is disrespectful to those who see it as a symbol of their holiday tradition AND those who don't. It's effectively force feeding a culture when the cultures are better off coexisting with mutual respect.

For whatever it's worth.

Agree. We have shared some beautiful Jewish traditions with friends of that faith.  We were honored to be included. It appears to be those with no faith at all that want to rock the boat.

Ok, but if it's a Holiday Party, make it so - not just a Christmas Party with another name so as not to 'offend'.  Put up the symbols of other faiths, etc.


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