Author Topic: Aging, obesity, and your microbiome  (Read 413 times)


Aging, obesity, and your microbiome
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What is a microbiome? Well, as most of you know our bodies are covered both outside the body on the skin, and in the gut with bacteria, we also have them in the mouth, nose, parts of our respiratory system, and in the vagina. This is our microbiome. It used to be thought they were just passive passengers which could sometimes cause disease. Recently it has been recognized that many of these microorganisms contribute to our health by supplying some vitamins, particularly some of the B vitamins it's thought, as well as helping in breaking down certain foods, and even keeping harmful bacteria at bay. Although antibiotics are extremely important when used judiciously it is important to recognize they can kill off parts of our microbiome leading, in some cases, to other infections which are known as super infections. Probiotics (helpful microorganisms) may help restore some of our microbiome when taken with antibiotics. But can our microbiome be involved with obesity and even aging? Watch this to find out: