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2020 Greenbean's Goals & Garden

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I have most of my goals typed out finally. The only things left are figuring out numbers - what are our goals for layers/meat birds, rabbits, milk products, produce, honey, etc. I've enjoyed going back looking at photos of the previous years on this property and seeing the tremendous amount of growth. Though, there are quite a few things I wish I had taken photos of - therefore one of my goals that is not listed is to photograph more. A side effect of putting my phone down more last year was not having a camera in my hand all the time - so I'm reverse-inheriting a camera from one of my daughters to continue with keeping the goal of picking up the phone less.... in fact, I think an actual camera will help accomplish the goal even more.

2020 Goals
1) Keep up the greenhouse garden
2) Fill potato bins and raised beds (now MrBeans is adding to this by wanting to build even more raised beds)
3) Frame out mushroom house and get plugs started
4) Cut and staple bottles to potato bins for herbs and lettuces until completely covered, filled, and planted
5) Build onion towers
6) Get the full worm farm built
7) Have at least 2 of the hives modified, set up, and swarm baited by swarm season
8 ) Completely clear off and around concrete pad to lay electric and water properly
9) Keep azaleas cut back to tiny shrubs all year along the drive
10) Utilize 2 front yard beds top with manure & hay in winter
11) Trench the flood zone to the back downslope
12) Tractors completed for rabbits & spring hatchlings
14) Raise & harvest 52 chickens and 52 ducks
15) Get fodder system up & running to supplement feed
16) Increase bread making from all of our loaf bread to include all of our pizza crusts
17) Modify the aquarium dresser into a new hatch brooder
18 ) Purchase new incubator - our 60-year-old one finally bit it last year - it was a good servant until then
19) Finish canning all the beef and venison
20) Set up the bat houses and butterfly garden
21) Continue building and filling bio-reactors (12 total)
22) Complete the feed and waterer systems to all the coops and pasture
23) Expand business with daughters
24) Sell my parents' house
25) Buy 20 acres - start building cabin, fence property house cows, pigs, and start orchard prior to cabin complete
26) 7 knitting/crochet projects; 9 sewing projects; 1 quilt project
27) Buy/build (combo of both) new goat milking shed
28 ) Finish the permanent butchering station

Here are a few photos to get me started ... The beginnings of my potato bins (Goal #2), the shelving for the mushroom logs (Goal #3), and the beginning of one raised bed (Goal #2) with the first bio-reactor on the row of pallets (Goal #21).

8 Greenbeans, you have my total respect!!!!  I took a nap after reading your list.  I read it again, and had a glass of wine...Seriously, this looks like a wonderful thought out plan to full self-sufficiency.  Do you grow your own grain?  Are your potatoes planted in the ground?  We are south of Atlanta, around forty-five minutes.  A neighbor said she did not have any luck growing potatoes in tires here.  I am guessing they would get way too hot, unless you did it in winter and covered the top.  Nothing tastes as good as homegrown potatoes.  They taste like they should.  We are a little "long in the tooth", and would like to grow them in a container or a mixture of hay, dirt and compost.  We used to dig a lot of potatoes, but now there would not be enough left of us to finish the rest of the gardening.Thanks for sharing, this is motivating and exciting!

Abigayle, add a LOT of sand (construction sand is best for our soil) to your mix.  I grow them here near Rome and grew them in the spring in Florida - we planted 2/14 and harvested in June so heat shouldn't be an issue for you.


--- Quote from: Starlady on January 15, 2020, 07:53:52 PM ---Abigayle, add a LOT of sand (construction sand is best for our soil) to your mix.  I grow them here near Rome and grew them in the spring in Florida - we planted 2/14 and harvested in June so heat shouldn't be an issue for you.

--- End quote ---
Yes,  We plant potatoes on February 14th just South of you also. 

Starlady, good to know, we will try it.  Do you use a contain or put them in the ground?  Are you using whole seed potatoes or cured cut, with eyes?


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