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2020 Spring Campout pre-thread.

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Need to lock this in.

It's been voted that, until further notice, all campouts are at Cedar Creek. so we just need a date.

The last time we had it in April,it was freakishly cold. But that was likely anomalous.

Second weekend in May is Mother's Day and Heritage Life Skills. Third is Mother Earth News Fair.

Both last weekend in April and First weekend in May look good. Any preferences?

If there's not a glaring problem with one or the th other, we'll try to lock it in tonight.

I have discussed this with the Commander and the last weekend in April (April 24th, 25th and 26th) work best for us.

I hope everyone lets you know their preference soon so we can reserve our home away from home from outdoor rec.


Either works for me.

I have no conflicts but not scheduling anything at this time.  It is wait and see what the pandemic situation looks like then.  Since it is an outside event, maybe not so bad.

Just had a thought (always bad)  I am picturing a group around a campfire with face masks & goggles. LOL hi

My chicken sitter is available the last w/e in April.....I vote with Benny & the Commander.


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