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Want to Access the Site without Big Brother Knowing? Read How

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I've met dozens of people who would like to, but don't participate in prepping, preparedness, homesteading, etc. types of sites because they don't want the government to know what they're up to. I'm not one of those people, but it's actually possible to participate without leaving a trace

Yes it's free. AND it's super powerful. It was developed for the US Navy and it's currently keeping a whole lot of Russian bloggers out of prison. Journalists use it to hide their location and protect their sources.

The first of two parts of what you need to get started is an anonymous browser. There may be others, but the defacto standard is Tor. Here's an excellent introduction.


And here's where you get it for Windows, Mac, or *Nix https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en

"But I don't even want them to know I downloaded a powerful tool of freedom". Get it off McDonald's or Starbucks Wifi, or if your tinfoil hat is very tight, just download it on someone else's machine - library, friend, work, etc., and put it on a thumb drive.

Here's what a Tor Browser looks like to the world as it's connected to this site as of this writing.

You can consantly shift and change, too - note the "New Tor Circuit" button - so you could get  different IP route for every page if you were so inclined.

The second part is a WORKING email address separate from the one(s) you use for day to day. Some uf us have pretty much unlimited mail addresses, but some people don't even understand you can have all you want.

Get yourself a (or a dozen) working email address from any of a number of sites where you can both get the address for free and actually read the mail for free.

Here's a recent list of 10 to choose from. I like having multiple GMail accounts and going back and forth between the logins on my browser, but if you want to keep it simple, you could check out the others.


Hope that helps!

Leave your questions and comments below.

If you need to read this post to learn, the govt already has every bit of info on you and are tracking you nearly live and in person.


TOR is know to be infiltrated by the NSA and FBI. It's not secure. You need an encrypted VPN to remain secure. Preferably one not based in the USA that is subject to National Security Letters. Gmail requires a real phone number to create an account, Yahoo does not. Your IP address is saved by Google and other email providers when you create and read your email. So only create it and use it when you are logged into your VPN.  Disable as many programs as you can before you log into the VPN. Many apps "phone home", that is to say they contact their home server for updates and they send your IP address and account/registration info. One example if Norton AV or other AV programs. Others are Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft Office, etc.  When you are connected to the VPN never check your real email, Facebook, or log into anything that is connected to your real identity. Otherwise you might as well not use a VPN or TOR. So shutdown everything, clean your browser cache, disable AV updates, login to the VPN through a country like Germany, read this website, logout of the VPN, clean your browser cache and temp folder, then enable AV updates.  It's can be a pain, but it limits your exposure and traceability to anyone that is collecting data.


--- Quote from: Nemo on August 06, 2015, 11:53:22 PM ---If you need to read this post to learn, the govt already has every bit of info on you and are tracking you nearly live and in person.
--- End quote ---

Nemo, it's never too late to start limiting your exposure to tracking.

Sounds interesting. Let me clarify, though - and I'm asking because I really don't know.

All of these governments who have tried to crack it unsuccessfully, keeping reporters, bloggers, etc. safe - that's because they don't have a back door, but our own NSA does? Just want to make sure that I'm understanding that it's not so much "easily crackable" as "already compromised".

Sounds like good ideas about VPN. Any advice for people who want to get started?

I'm not an authority or even devotee on the upper reaches of privacy security. I'm happy just to keep people out of my own network. I treat every byte that leaves the machine as already public knowledge. Kind of anomaly. Maybe I'm the most secure of all!

No offense to those who do, and I'll even support people's feelings as someone deeply involved in the internet communications of the preparedness community (ie by starting this post), but I'm just not worried about my activities. I just don't picture myself being first on the list when they start breaking down doors over who hit up the peanut butter sale twice. I just figure I'm far enough down the list if they do start breaking down doors, by the time they get to me, there won't be anything behind mine.

Frankly I'd be more afraid of facial recognition at a Tea Party rally than to talk about canning, camping, first aid, and even an above average enthusiasm for shooting sports on the internet. That's just me, though. Like I said - I'll actively support the people who feel differently. I'd rather have them here participating in a way they feel "safe" than not participating at all.


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