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100$ chinese diesel 12volt heater bov


I put one of these in my truck for camping/road trips. I haven't used mine much, I was going to wait for the camp out to talk about it, but I wanted to mention them sooner in case the supply gets tight
here's the one I got, it has a metal housing. there's some complaints about the plastic housings flexing and causing the fan to rub.

these are not new, a couple german companies have been making them for decades, mostly for sail boats but they cost about 1,000$. china started cloning them a few yrs ago and the prices really came down.
most reviews are good, most issues are from poor installations
I have a diesel p/u so it's perfect fit for me.  they take 8 or 9 amps to fire up but only use 1 or 2 once running. they burn between .5 and 2 gallons a day aprox depending on the setting

there's a lot of info on youtube, but most videos are shade tree guys like those 2 vids.
 this guy seems to know them very well and has a full series if you want to know more

some kits are complete, some are not, so pay attention. different kits come with different thermostats. I have the simple dial t-stat.
avoid the 8kw, it's just an over priced 5kw
guys are running them in van and cargo trailer conversions, old rv's that need a new heater and even work shops or garages

there's a portable version with everything installed in a small box, just needs 12v

John Galt 1:
5000 watt is roughly 16,000 btu.      That's plenty of heat for a 300 sq/ft room or tent.     Plenty strong for camping or emergency heat.


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