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Thanks to the good Lord, I made it out to Wal-mart this am and just got home. I only saw two people that looked like they were stocking up on anything. One guy must have bought a dozen packs of soda, weird, lots of vienna sausages and another couple had the bottom of their cart full of canned goods and were stocking up on the paper plate, disposable cups and silverware area. The dried beans were a bit low in stock but all in all I got everything that was on my list except lots of the granola that my son eats daily. But Momma bought ingredients to make her own granola if need be. :)
Let us know what you are seeing and how the stores are doing in your area. Next is a trip to Lowe's for fertilizer, lime and organic fertilizer and more seeds.
Keep on keeping on folks, God speed.

I took inventory of sugar last night as I had to re-fill the sugar bowl.  The wife told me how many 4lb bags we had in stock.  I said "Is that all?".  She then said Walmart had 25 lb bags on sale.  (big mistake)  I went to Walmart this morning and there was a policeman I did not recognize doing security.  He said he was from out of town.  I asked if there was a reason he was there (cause I have never seen one in Walmart before).  He said no not that he was aware of.  Then he seemed curious why I was asking so I was wondering if it was because of the coronavirus and Walmart was expecting a run on the store. 
I found the sugar in 25lb bags for $8.88 a bag.  I got two.  There were a few more things on my list so the cartt was fairly full when leaving.
I put the sugar in new 5 gal buckets when I got home.

Good price on the sugar, I had to pay a bit over $11 for my #25 bag. But I guess it makes up for catching it at a low price this past year.

I hit several stores today for various things. The shelves seemed stocked but I did notice some very full carts. One thing I did notice at Costo the big bin they fill with boxes for people to pack their groceries in completely empty. I don't know if it means anything but I've never seen it that way before. I also saw an SUV packed with cleaning supplies, but then I do that a couple of times a year too. I picked up more vitamin D and K since it's been mentioned and the doctor told me to take vitamin D for my thyroid. That was several years ago but he hasn't told me to stop so I keep taking it.

Everything up our way seems decently stocked. No one seemed to be stocking up. Then again, I never do either as I'll make store runs everyday just so as not to bring attention to myself when I am stocking up.

Oh wait, one thing was very low .... Yeast! Never seen it low before.


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