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If you were looking to get out of the Metro area where would go?  I grew up in Marietta and eventually moved to Woodstock to get away from the crowds.  You see what happened there.  So, I headed to Hall county.  They followed me here as well.  I want somewhere that my great grand kids will be calling "out in the sticks."

I will have family soon living in the Gibson/Mitchell area so we have considered there.  Couple other places on the Western side of the state a little further South.  We have also considered leaving Georgia all together and heading to Kentucky, or out West somewhere past the Mississippi.

We are pretty adaptable career wise, but by trade my wife is a PreK administrator, and I am a missionary/Pastor.

So, where would you go?  We are interested in the homesteading lifestyle, but it would be a while before we were much more than gardens and maybe chickens.

I am there.  Years ago I bought two acres in the country, 8 miles from a town of 2500.  Lots were selling in the middle of 4400 acres of pine trees.  No one wanted to live there and the electricity went off quite often.  Over the years others  have moved in around me.  I can no longer shoot the deer rifle out the back door.  I now have 8 acres with 3 vegetable gardens.  I am on a well and septic tank and have installed solar power.  This is where I plan to ride out the corona virus.  All I need to do is stay put and let it pass.

MoleStomper if anyone you know has a book called Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places you may want to look at it. It rates areas by several criteria. We're stuck where we are right now because of family obligations.

For each of us that where is somewhere different. Mine is southern middle Tennessee. You can still find land i  the sticks . Lots of homesteaders and preppers. Off-grid is not uncommon . Even one of the local newspaper people here lives off-grid .

We have been considering TN. also.  There are areas with good soil, but the edge of the mountain ridges can be tricky in that respect. We considered an area near Maryville.  Right now, we have invested so much into this place, that we don't know if we can come out of it.  Some preppier would probably be pretty happy here.  At our age, we just don't know if we could start over and do all this again.  If you are young, no problem.  We look at new trees and think....not a good idea...  Not tryin to be pessimistic, just the facts....  Tn. is beautiful!


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