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Looking for 2 solar panels from our group buy


after a few changes in plans and changes in equipment, I need 2 more. so if you have them laying behind the garage, still not installed like me and you can let a couple go let me know.
I'd like to find the exact panels so they match the rest.
if not I'll look for a close match. thanks

If you find a deal on closely-matching panels, please let me know. Or I can go in with you.

prices are going nuts. I don't think we'll find deals any time soon
I ordered 2 renergy 270w panels from ebay for 540$, the price went to 750$ and they sold out

I think they are close enough to work, I think the voltage needs to match but im not sure

30.8v 8.77 amp vs 30.0 / 8.5

physical size is very close too. only .1 inch difference basically the same
I ordered them so I could put on my truck so I can just find something else for the truck.

I have a 185w I can put on the truck IF i can even get my new cap from leer.
I wanted to install 300w or 400w but I'm not spending an arm and a leg to do it, i'll just run the 185 for now.

still, I'd like to dig up a perfect match if I can. the array is pretty much in my front yard, can be seen from the front window so getting a match would minimize wife complaints about my ugly crap in the yard


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