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Country Singer:
Hurry if you want to register, the cutoff is today: free online ag extension courses offered by Penn State.   Sorry, I just found out about it.
Update: at least some of the courses have a registration deadline of May 10th.

Online Course Promotion RulesAs a way to support its customers during the coronavirus pandemic, Penn State Extension is offering select online courses at no cost through May 10, 2020. See below for details and terms:
* Course purchases must be made between April 1 and May 10, 2020
* Qualifying online courses are marked as free, and do not require a payment
* Select courses are excluded from this offer and are priced accordingly
* Course access period is based on the length of time outlined on each specific course page at time of purchase (e.g. 60 days)
* At the end of the access period you will no longer have access to the online course
* Please limit course purchases to no more than three online courses

Here are some other interesting classes.

Here's one everyone will want now Disaster Preparedness

Bee Keeping 101

Carla Emery, Encyclopedia Of Country Living....40th Anniversary Eddition, price drop...$119.00.  Seriously??? Now that has to be up there due to newbies getting into "living off the land".  The new generation of do it yourselfers....Might be people that gave up the book years ago, and are returning to the land.
The Organic Preppier, Daisy Luther, has printed three recipes from her book, on her website.  I find the first two the best, but all are good.

I got that book years ago, for Christmas I think. Who would pay that much for that book?


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