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Interesting article. Given the current issues, if Trump gets reelected in November, you can be assured that riots will return. The article seems to think Republicans would revolt too.

I've about expended my short term supplies, so I need to go shopping and restock soon. COVID has shown me holes in my preps that I need to correct. Fun stuff like garden hose repair and carb cleaner. Also, my dependency on coffee creamer.  :o

From where I stand, I see a bad Summer in our future.  It appears that there is a powerful, well funded group that does not want an election this Fall.  It appears they will do anything to up set it.  The virus and riots are the two most recent events they have orchestrated.  Be preparrd for more as the elections get closer.  JMHO

Anymore, I trust political articles about as much as I trust polls.  The only way that we'll know about the election is to stay up  late and see how things end up  in the final count.  As far as rioting goes.... I think that we have our fair share now.... if the dems don't take care ,,,, they wont have anything to burn down in November!

John Kerry  and if he is not the #Patriots will know they have been screwed and all hell will break lose from them.

Bullstuff!   So called Patriots have been screaming revolution-boogaloo-correction for 20 years.  They haven't ever organized to combat (bad choice of words, but it's all I can come up with right now) the well funded AND well organized Soros protests and will get picked off one by one.  Defending their own when it comes to their house isn't going to save this country.   Not that I'm advocating anything, I just think we'll fold quietly as we always have in the past.


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