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SEPN Summer Event/Cookout - suggestions.

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We've been getting together in late August for the past however many years, and switched to our extremely popular "indoor cookout" last year at Panola Mountain State Park.

The initial thought was that we'd move it up some since we had to cancel the spring campout. Farside has been checking with the park, and they're not taking reservations.

Any thoughts? Possibilities include.

Try for another event in July

Hold off to see if we can get it in August

Or - something else

Any ideas? What would you like to do?

July is good with me as my garden will be about kaput by then.  July and August I start to have camping conflicts which may be able to manage with notice. 

Anywhere we can find AC or lots of shade, the month doesn't matter to me.

There's a great place between Cartersville & Emmerson off I-75, want me to see if it's open?  It's outdoors but has restrooms and several pavilions plus grills.

My opinion is we should take advantage of any time for a get-together since the later we wait then we may have another shut down particularly in the fall. I could make most Saturdays except 7/18/20.

I am in favor of somewhere with an outdoor pavilion.  A place with outdoor air movement seems to be safer right now.


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