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Roll Call June 27, 2020
« on: June 28, 2020, 04:21:36 PM »
Let us know how things are going for you this week.


Re: Roll Call June 27, 2020
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2020, 09:17:57 PM »
Pulling weeds in the garden took up a good part of today. On the upside I got my first squash and zucchini today. Where they were to small two days ago the rain blew them up like a balloon. Hopefully the next few will be more normal.

I set a goal for myself of 600,000 steps this month and finished them on Friday. As of this morning I have walked over 300 miles this month. I'm confident that if I have to walk home from anywhere in the area I will have no trouble doing so. It's one less thing to worry about.
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Re: Roll Call June 27, 2020
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2020, 07:11:42 PM »
Did four quarts of green beans in the canner, to go with the few quarts I have frozen.  We made a double recipe of crook neck squash casserole to go with another one of our home grown chickens.  We ate too much, since I stuffed the chicken.
The garden is getting away from us.  It does not resemble anything out of Better Homes and Gardens.  I should say they as we have three gardens, along with two raised bed gardens  Amazingly, we still have tomatoes and cucumbers coming on in the greenhouse.  I planted way too many eggplant, and need to find a home for some.  We ate our first sweet corn yesterday and will be putting some up for the winter, along with the butter beans when they are ready.  We keep moving the ducks from spot to spot.  They are very happy campers.  Friday night and into Saturday, we hatched out another 11 chicks.  It would have been twelve, but one was born with a defect, always sad to put something down (Thor to the rescue). 
Thinking of ways to secure the property, should T.S.H.T.F.  In our lifetimes, if ever, it could be soon We have a gate and fencing, but would like to do more.
Refilled what we used from our short term supplies.  While I have yeast in the freezer, I keep trying to get another bag.  I am even having trouble getting brewers yeast for the ducklings.  We are supplementing around 25% of the feed for the chickens and ducks from the garden at this point.  Getting ready for granddaughters 23rd birthday tomorrow.  Wish we would take her out to dinner, but will have to do it here.


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Re: Roll Call June 27, 2020
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2020, 08:36:22 PM »
tlwagg, fantastic job on the walking!

I have accomplished a lot this week, but it's not enough.

All the potatoes are stored for seed, made into potato salad and/or stored for the rest of the summer.  A dozen duck eggs turned into egg salad with some in the potato salad. Six 18 packs going to a grandmother raising her 4 grandchildren on a bit of welfare help, while trying to hold onto a job.   Cut yarrow and lemon balm, wilted and going into the dryer tomorrow.  Watermelons planted where the 'taters were.  White acorn squash, jarrahdale and one regular acorn going gangbusters. The mullien is flowering so I have to go out daily and collect the flowers - after 2 minor ear aches in the past 2 years, I'll never be without that oil!   I mislabeled a bunch of seed, all the jarrahdale marked seed packs are turning out to be white acorn - so if I gave you a pack (calling YOU Florida44!) be aware of the error!   The broken and bashed rhubarb from last week's storm is sending up new shoots as the original leaves die off and the original plant it was torn from is also sending up new shoots - so now I have 3!  But the peach that split a big branch is now only 1/2 a tree.  Good things, bad things.

The drakes are driving me nuts, they are constantly fighting and injuring each other, even away from the girls where they can't even see them - lots of wasted time trying to re-arrange homes and get them healed up. The absolute worst jerk turned out to be my sweet Ducky Betts, total personality change since I took his girls away.   The 8 baby dux are growing well and the (champion) Buff Orpingtons are finally starting to put on some weight.  With help from a prepper friend we cleaned up the butcher station area so hopefully this week, in between raindrops, I can get the young Pekins & roosters in the freezer and maybe harvest some of the older ducks I can't/won't use for breeding. I got all this years chix color banded, just need to do the 5 from last year and everyone else goes to the pressure canner in the fall.

Another storm this week crashed a couple of branches against the roof/sides of the big duck house, fortunately only the overhangs were damaged but since the roof of OSB really didn't hold up well in the past 4 years, I think I'm just going to get another shed from HD and build onto the sides - splitting that yard into 2 for the Pekins and chocolate Anconas.  Since I screwed it together when I built the original, I can use the sides for those additions. MAYBE.  Just need to make it thru the summer so the landscaping work can be done and I can make some permanent plans, including for the geese....

Who are totally awesome! They talk to me when they hear my voice, even in another yard.  And always run to greet me when I come through the gate.  I WISH I could spend more time with them.   The brain is eager for the things I want to do but the body gets tired of the heat really, really fast.

Have a great week, y'all, stay dry!
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Re: Roll Call June 27, 2020
« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2020, 07:55:27 AM »
I am lazy this morning.  I am just sitting in front of the HF listening to the Georgia Cracker Net this morning.  The wife just came in from the garden.  She has more green beans to wash and trim the ends off and cut up.  I see a canning of green beans in my future for TODAY. 
I am planning on attending the Summer get-to-gather July 25th.  I need to get rid of a couple of sweet shrubs I potted earlier in the year for a couple that hollered up.  StarLady,  I will bring you some blueberries to Panola as I hate so much to drive around or thru Hotlanta.  I need to start making a list of seeds I want to bring.  I will have to make a mandatory stop at the Scarlet Thread as we can not pass by without stopping.
Blueberries are on the down side and we will be done with them soon.  I see a camping trip in my future.  It appears the campgrounds are now open.
Edit : This is a picture of the green beans we canned today.  I also picked some dill weed seed.
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Re: Roll Call June 27, 2020
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When it rains it pours.  Remember the Morton Salt Girl?  The funny thing is that not much this week is out of the norm for the end of June.  We had our first sweet corn this week, just a sample, that tells us we will be freezing it this week.  I did more dehydrated tomatoes and will be doing More tomorrow, with the usual topping of herbs and grated cheese.  My counter top is covered with eggplants waiting to go into casseroles, then the freezer.  I took out one of our big chickens, the size of a small turkey, to make some room.  I am freezing some sweet red peppers, in baggies on the door.  We love them on the grill.  My Jimmy Nardello, saved seed, came through with flying colors in the garden this year.  I have jalapeños for some jelly.
On Saturday, our second batch of chicks hatched.  They started Friday night, so it was a long night.  We have eleven and lost one, the first one to not make it out of 21 in the past three and a half weeks.  The ducks are huge and doing well, still can not tell them apart, but a few tails are curling up.  We put up a premier fence and move it along with the chicken tractor.  The plan is for the duck house that Thor is just finishing (waiting for bigger wheels) to go into the orchard.  Then we dump their two small pools on the trees every day.  I canned four quarts of green beans this week and froze several quarts.  The weeds are winning the battle right now, but the plants are so big and healthy, that we will be fine.  Waiting for the butter beans and some strange long pea someone gave us to try.  Trying to do some organizational projects in the heat of the day, but not much steam left.  We are having a beautiful rain right now.  Oh, when I was not busy, I cut out some of our early tomato plants that ate pretty well spent, as I don't need them now.  Feeding lots of cherry tomatoes to the laying hens, babies and ducks.  Have a good week everyone!