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SEPN Summer Get together

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2020 SEPN Summer get Together

July 25 2020
Lunch @ 1PM
Building open at 11AM - closes at 4PM

Panola Mountain State Park
2620 Highway 155 SW
Stockbridge, GA 30281

GPS Coordinates
N 33.623400 | W -084.172800

SEPN will be providing a Hamburgers, hotdogs, bums, plates and flatware. If members could bring a dish to pass, or a dessert.

Let us know if your going to make it. Hope to see ya'll there!!!!!

Farside, PLEASE don't bring any bums!    Thanks.  ;)

I'll be there, bringing devilled eggs.  And I'll get the lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, relish, ketchup & mustard.

Hope to see a big turnout - I miss y'all!

At this point, Thor and I will do our best to be there.  God willing and the Creek don't rise.  I never knew that this was a reference to the Creek Indians and not water.

Thanks to Farside for continuing to follow up and getting the room!

Sorry - my own personal form of of spotty OCD made me move it out of the for sale category. Hopefully this will bump it to the top.

ETA: Added to header

We are planning on coming.  Don't know yet what food we will be bringing.  That is the wife's department.  I am starting to get up seed to bring for the seed exchange if it is still on.  Going to Panola Mountain State Park takes us right by Scarlet Thread which is a mandatory stop for us.

This looks good ?


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